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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Birmingham, MI USA
Spouse/Partner David Bostwick
Occupation Director of College Counseling
Children Anne Bostwick Lally born 1973
Katherine Bostwick Glass born 1975
Military Service I was an Air Force Officer's Wife 1971-1976

Brigid Lally (2000)
Ashlynn Lally (2002)
Maura Lally (2005)
Eva Lally (2011)
Justin Glass (2004)
Tyler Glass (2006)
Vida Glass (208)

School Story

Graduated from MSU English Honors College; Master's in Counseling Oakland University; Certified in Reality Therapy; Have worked in schools since 1985--Royal Oak Dondero, Frankel Jewish Academy and currently The Roeper School in the Adams Elementary Building

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Robert Rettray did indeed die of a heart attack at age 37.  However, he was not one of our class members.  He graduated in 1965 and had married fellow classmate Marian Johnson.  Their daughter Kelly Rettray Collins is one of my daughter Kate's best friends.  Bob can be found on p. 248 of the 1965 Piper

May 19, 2017 at 12:33 PM

Like Beverly, I went to elementary school with Roger and lost touch with him in high school.  At Pembroke, he was well loved and got a lot of support when he had heart surgery in I think 4th grade.  Living in the area for much of my adult life, having kids at Seaholm and being a counselor, I've run into a lot of Seaholm alums.  It's amazing how many people relate having felt  completely anonymous and outcast, or suffering in silence, and am generally surprised at being remembered.  It's astounding to me that anyone thinks that stuffing 2000 teenagers into one 3 grade high school was ever a good idea, and even moreso, that thinking still goes on.  I've experienced high schools with graduating classes of 39-180 compared with the nearly 700 we had, and I have a real bias toward the smaller schools.  One positive trend has been the abiltiy to communicate and the value of empathy, with kids today really reaching out to kids like Roger.  It breaks my heart to think of anyone being unkind to him, and I hope with all of you that he found the love and support that he so deserved.

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Happy birthday, Mal! I think about you a lot. I've been a counselor in Royal Oak and Birmingham for over 30 years, and I kept thinking some time I'd get to your campus before you retired! I did have a student attend U Mass Amherst--she was a Presidential Scholar and they treated her very well. I also visited Bennington a few years ago, hoping someone would know something about Phoebe Chao, but that's another story. I remember you ran into her at a conference or something years back. You were such a wonderful, articulate communicator, I imagine you were an awesome professor as well. Patti Bostwick

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