S Page

S Page - You people whose last name began with an "S" in the '67 Piper are really special! (Read on)  Please find your photo below - and kudos to you if you can identify TWO near-neighbor Metro Detroiters who weren't part of our class, but are also "S" people, AND, as a SPECIAL BONUS (just added on Aug. 22), one well-known person who DID graduate from Seaholm (then known as Birmingham H.S.).  (Classmates with other letters only have one honorary interloper, so you're special.  There are also so many of you, so you're special that way, as well.)  

(Is your photo missing? Do you have a better photo you'd like to substitute? Do you have a question?  Please e-mail George at george.riordan@mtsu.edu )