Veterans Page

Seaholm '67 Veterans Page

Thank you for your service, classmates

Welcome to our pages honoring those who served in our armed forces.   We have 53 people in our class who we know of that are veterans.  They're all signified by a flag under "CLASSMATE PROFILES", accessible by clicking on the yellow ribbon on the left.  

Are you a veteran?  We'd like to add a page for you.  Simply send anything you'd like to say about your time in service - your thoughts, reminiscences, quips, a sketch of your duties, photos to, and we'll put up a page for you. 

Do you know of someone who should have an individual veterans page?  Please let us know.

Click on a name below to view an individual page.

Faculty members who served

Tom Blodgett

Sparky Renault

George Riordan

Anonymous I