Homerooms 1965-66

How young we all look!  Was that really our junior year?  So those are the fashions that we wore to school.  So many plaid shirts and jumpers!  

YOUR Junior Year HOMEROOM PHOTO IS HERE!  Room numbers are listed in alphabetical and numerical order, of course!  (Can't find yourself or a friend?  Contact george.riordan@mtsu.edu, and he can look in the '66 Piper's index for you.)  Note that some folks may have been absent on the day that the photos were taken (for example, my homeroom is missing at least two people) - Now, listen up:  It's time for morning announcements! 

A2 (the Choral Room) - Mr Seeback

A100 - Mr Miller

A106 - Mrs Ransom

A116 - Mrs Bigelow

A118 - Miss Arner

A119 - Mr Buell

A200 - Mrs Garen

A202 - Mr DelVero (Sorry - I need to re-scan this photo!)

A203 - Mr Petrakis

A204 - Mr Sergent

A207 - Mr Stroko

B100 - Mrs Kinnison

B201 - Miss M.E. Howard

B203 - Mr Steinhart

B299 - Mr Behrendt

C100 - Mr Battenhouse

C107 - Mr Scrimgeour

C108 - Miss Buechel

C110 - Mr Paul

Homeroom Cafe B - Mr Cameron (we'll re-scan the caption!)

E100 - Miss Herman

E104 - Mrs Perley

E107 - Mr Graham (we'll re-scan the caption!)

Whew!  That's 23 homerooms - a long list! Hopefully, you found yours, but if you can't find your homeroom or someone you're looking for, contact george.riordan@mtsu.edu , and we'll try to fix it or look it up for you.