Slide Show Samples

BE A PART OF THE SLIDE SHOW!  At the big reunion event on Saturday night, 9/23, we'll be displaying  a continuous slide show of photos and other memorabilia drawn from the '67 Piper and other sources.  We'd also like to put you on the big screen, whether you're attending in person or in spirit!  

IF YOU ARE ATTENDING THE REUNION  and you're interested in being included:  Please e-mail me a recent photo of yourself doing something you enjoy, i.e. playing with your grandkids, traveling with your spouse, cooking, drinking wine, biking - whatever.  Send your photo to:

IF YOU'RE UNABLE TO  ATTEND THE REUNION and would like to send a photo for inclusion, and/or a shout-out to everyone there, please  email a recent photo of yourself doing something you enjoy (see paragraph above), and if you desire, a SHORT greeting (20 words or less) to all your classmates!  Send your photo and/or greeting to:

HERE ARE EXAMPLES of the slides - 

Photo slide of you doing something that you enjoy:

Short message slide - no more than 20 words, please!: