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2 live in Alaska
11 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
29 live in California
15 live in Colorado
6 live in Connecticut
33 live in Florida
11 live in Georgia
3 live in Hawaii
3 live in Idaho
4 live in Illinois
6 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
2 live in Kansas
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5 live in Maryland
8 live in Massachusetts
248 live in Michigan
8 live in Minnesota
3 live in Missouri
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2 live in New Hampshire
2 live in New Jersey
4 live in New Mexico
6 live in New York
10 live in North Carolina
6 live in Ohio
5 live in Oregon
3 live in Pennsylvania
6 live in South Carolina
5 live in Tennessee
5 live in Texas
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10 live in Virginia
6 live in Washington
2 live in West Virginia
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2 live in British Columbia
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96 location unknown
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Ernest W Seaholm High School
Class of 1967

REISSUE!  Seaholm '67 memories video 4

In anticipation of Reunion 2023, we’re going to be re-posting a video or other item on a monthly basis, as a reminder of our days way back when.  Here’s a 7 minute and 44 second video with historical photos supplied by Craig Smith with more pictures from The Piper that are added to an audio track of the Seaholm Band performing Cesar Franck's "Pièce Héroïque" in 1967. To re-live the memories, click on this direct link to the YouTube page .  (Once in, click on the "Full screen" icon in the lower right.) 

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  There are plenty more fun items posted in the class webpage for your enjoyment.  Just follow these instructions below to find them:

1.      Sign into our class home page (, then

2.     Find “THEN AND NOW” on the yellow ribbon on the left hand side (8th selection down), and hover your cursor over the words;

3.      a drop down box will appear; select “CLASS OF 67 MEMORIES” (the bottom selection);

4.     This will take you to “MOVIES, PICTURES & MORE”, where you’ll find several video streams, photos, stories, and other fond memories. 

ENJOY!  (Problems? Contact George at  Eventually.  Might take a few days, sorry about that.)

In memory of Valerie Smith Dashiell

It’s with sadness that we relate the news of the passing of classmate Valerie Smith Dashiell, on Sunday, September 4, 2022, in Chandler, Arizona, where she and husband Jim moved a few years ago, from Chicago.  Thanks go to her good friend Nancy Theodoroff Townsend for informing us.  Valerie was co-captain of the majorettes, and worked closely with Nancy, our drum major in the marching band, while both served as members of the flute section in concert settings.  Valerie’s ever-buoyant and bright, inexhaustible spirit will have a place in the hearts of all our classmates who worked with her.   

For Valerie’s obituary and guest book, please go to:

Save the date!  Or better still, the weekend! 

Reunion 2023: Saturday, September 30 main event,

with other events in planning for Friday, Sept. 29, Saturday, Sept. 30, and Sunday morning, Oct. 1

The Reunion 2023 committee has set the date of our main event next year for Sat., Sept. 30, at the Detroit Golf Club, near 7 Mile Road and Woodward Ave., with other events to be planned for that weekend in the Birmingham environs. 

Watch this space for Reunion 2023!  We'll keep you apprised of specific plans and events.  And be sure to plan to meet your Seaholm classmates for a fun weekend, visit your old haunts, and generally having a blast!


In Memory of Marc Newhouse

Dear Classmates,

Just yesterday we received the following message about the recent tragic passing of our classmate Marc Newhouse from his long-time close buddy, John Chonka.  John penned the following moving notice to all of us:

“My best friend for 65 years, Marc Linsay Newhouse, died August 13, 2022. He was living in Dominical Costa Rica for the past 10 years. He was a well read and intelligent man.  His main pastimes were fishing, crossword puzzles and he could be seen having a few beers at his local dive in Dominical ocasionally. He was returning to his apartment that evening when a flash flood from storms in the mountains washed his SUV with his dog and him out the mouth of the river. His body was recovered up the coast. I had the good fortune to visit him in 2019. He was a good friend and human being who lived life to the fullest. His job as an iron worker took him all over the world, from working on the Alaska pipeline to working in downtown Detroit. He survived looking down the barrel of AK-47’s in West Africa to singing the Russian national anthem on stage in Moscow as part of a diplomatic goodwill delegation, for which he received a standing ovation!!!  He was a dear friend and was loved by all who knew him. The world is a sadder place without him. RIP amigo!!”


News about Reunion 2023! Many thanks to all of you who answered our recent survey!  Here’s where we stand:  The Class of ’66, still sore about our tie with them, and the Class of ’68, anxious to unseat us, have challenged ’67 to a re-match of Field Day 1965, and we have decided, reluctantly, but with resolve, that we need to take up the gauntlet again, on September 30, 2023… 

Claudia Horn Jackson has agreed to again chair us to victory, but in addition to the usual field events, our team has skillfully negotiated a number of new events that will favor our defense of our crowns!  Bill Canning has started practicing tying his shoe laces for the barrel race, but he’s also gotten Pickle Ball on the docket, while Roger Hilborn is organizing the sailing squad (Sailing Master Jim Farr isn’t commenting on plans for the rumored Cape Horn to Detroit race), and Fritz Ruffer is leading our river float team. Patrick Joyce secured a spot for the new motorcycle slalom, Bob Rowe will train the metric century bicycling race, and Larry Deck and Holly Alfs Williams the trail riding; Kathy Van Thielen Calcutt is organizing the masters swimming events, while Chip Gorman and Alex Grether pull together our cross-country and half marathon teams (practice begins next week!).  Thanks to their close ties to the Detroit baseball club, Jim Trew and Jim Labelle have secured exclusive rights for training courtesy of the entire Tigers minor league farm system (with perhaps some discreet salting of their talent into our field events), and, because of their recent training in the field, Dick Lilley and Doug Comb will be able to oversee physical therapy for the entire class, to help us prepare.  Our victory in the flower-growing event has been secured, as Sally Benedict Mills and Jeff McLean’s unnoticed insertion of the stipulation that all bloom entries need to be grown at elevations over 600 meters slipped by the other two classes, as they mistakenly read “600 feet”.   Rather puzzling is the golf event, where we have more applicants than graduates; this curious issue may be take time to work out.  Troubling, though, is our lack of any interest from our class in the freestyle rock-climbing event, put in place under the radar by a couple of eager '68-ers, and we have yet to find a coach for the water polo team.  Any volunteers out there?

Sue Bauer has agreed to oversee marching again, but this time with the help of the entire drill staff of the MTSU Band of Blue.  Art (Anby) Burleigh found his blueprints to our junior year massive banner and will oversee its reconstruction, but with a new design by art director Julia Jickling, who has eschewed our old class Op-Art theme for “something a bit more classic… I’m thinking more along the lines of a cubist approach…”

The grand finale and coup de grâce will be our class cheer, where the recently-revived Boy-All Rallet will lead us through a ballet of the grand MUMA handshake ritual, choreographed by Henry Perkins, while all of us sing the entire MUMA Manifesto to the music of Handel’s Zadoc the Priest, as skillfully arranged by Rackham Choir veteran Beth Adams, and accompanied by a brass ensemble led by Ed Kvet.  (See the class website for a helpful tutorial on the handshake.)  This indeed will be a memorable event!  And let us tell you about the Victory Dinner menu, designed around a 1950s casserole theme of delights uncovered by Lynn Skaistis Contos with oodles of mushroom soup and maple-leaf-shaped Jello molds…  

A person suddenly awakes shrieking; cue Rod Serling’s measured, sardonic voice:

“Do you awake in the night with a scream / Waking and quivering because of a dream? /   MUMA will turn your mind to the right / To save you from having bad dreams in the night…”

(Well, perhaps this was a bit tongue-in-cheek.  But do watch this space for more realistic, if a bit more toned-down and sedate, yet still exciting, announcements of Reunion 2023.)


Robert Henry Hansen  9/29
Jeff Fitzgerald  10/3
William F. Zlotek  10/3
Dexter Wayne Clark  10/7
Tom McLean Williams  10/9
Lee Perry  10/10
Rob Kushler  10/12
Thomas C. Freed  10/14
Bill Backstrom  10/17
Kirke (Skip) Hoagg  10/19
Patricia Susan Scott  10/24
Nancy Davis ((Poser))  10/25
Kathleen Ann Brooks  10/27

NEW REUNION PHOTOS: click on the link below!


PHOTO GREETINGS from CLASSMATES (revised 10/7/17),

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