James (Jim) Wiltshire Sigler

James (Jim) Wiltshire Sigler

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02/11/23 10:49 AM #4    

James Riley

My Seaholm HS memories, like so much else, have done some serious fading over the years. 
Compartmentalizing without specifics.
With a few exceptions, associating a name with a category: good guy, cute girl, trouble, who?
Obits are the common way to jiggle memories.
But the comments on this site are precious. Thank you all for posting.
Your posts are a wonderful tweak to my dimming recollections.
I remember Jim as a "good guy" without a specific "why", but it does bring a smile to my face.
I hope we see more.
Maybe before the obits close the door.


02/11/23 11:45 AM #5    

Nancy Elizabeth Talburtt ((Lumbye))

Earlier this month, I received messages from "Jim" on Facebook. Whoever this was had obviously hacked Jim's account and said he had received $200K in cash from a special SBA Grant, said he saw my name on the list and wanted me to click on a link so follow up for my $200K. It was so obviously phony and such a scam, of course I ignored. This person kept sending me messages, finally told them, such a scam and to leave me alone. No word since but I didn't report on FB because I was in the midst of officially retiring from work. I reported to FB! See you all in September!

02/11/23 01:15 PM #6    

John Stephen Farr

I am surprised and saddened to hear about Jim's passing. I contacted him a couple of years ago after seeing his picture on Facebook. We had not spoken since our time at Seaholm, but we didn't miss a beat. His picture reminded me of a situation that came up while we were both playing football for Barnum jr High against Groves.          ( 'Only' 56 years prior 😉) It only involved the two of us while we playing defense for Barnum. He definitely remembered the play and it was great fun reminiscing. I can't say enough about Jim as he was a great guy and  always a pleasure to be around. He will definitely be missed !!🏈<>>



02/11/23 01:50 PM #7    

Hank Dahlquist

Jim was the only person I know who was struck by "lightning" twice.  The first time he was standing under the garage overhang at his parents house when it got by a lightning stike.  It traveled across the gutter, down the down spout, went through Jim's abdomen and struck a small tree.  The only thing they could find wasa small burn and it never hit an organ.  The second time he was working under an x-ray machine when someone turned on the electricity.  He took around 25,000 volts, but almost no amperage.  It lifted him off the floor before they could shut it down and once again, walked away unharmed.  After that I made it a point not to be near him in a storm!  


02/11/23 03:43 PM #8    

Art (Anby) Burleigh

I was saddened to just recently learn of Jim's passing.  He was a great guy, and I enjoyed our friendship a lot at Barnum and Seaholm.  I really appreciated his great sense of humor, his energy and his passion for music.  He'll be missed by many!  

02/12/23 01:46 PM #9    

Janice Lynn Poplack


I was very saddened this week to learn of the loss of Jim Sigler and regret not having an opportunity to know him as an adult and how lucky for those of you who did.  Looking back, he was one of those delightful classmates that helped fill my days in both Jr. High and H.S. with warmth and good humor.  Friendly and helpful, I remember I could always count on his support and a big smile. Jim's upbeat presence cheered me then and I'm grateful to have shared our formative years. I send heartfelt condoences to Jim's family and all those who cared and valued him in his life. 

Similarly, I have grieved the loss of Carol Collins and Andy Holcombe, who I didn't get to write about at the time, but who I hold in heart and mind and cherish their memories.

Be well and take good care, I hope to see you all at the reunion. 


Janice Poplack





02/13/23 10:00 AM #10    

Jim Labelle

I was very sorry to read about the loss of Jim.  Jim was always fun to be around and had some great ideas.  He was the one that rode on the garbage cart that was lifted by 4 guys, cleaning up broken eggs at the Field Day egg toss.  He was the one that organized the Sqammish game from Mad Magazine and challenged Groves.  I think you needed 43 people on a team for that.  Before transferring to Michigan State, he went to Northern Michigan with a bunch of us.  We were only there a  couple of months when Jim appeared on the cover of the Marqueete Mining Journal directing traffic at a corner in downtown Marquette during a brizzard.  He was out in front of where the Mining Journal office was, so somebody just ran down to take his picture.  That was just the way he was and I am sure he continued to be like that for the rest of his life. 

02/15/23 11:50 AM #11    

Robert Gordon Yolles

Sorry to hear of Jim's passing.  As a new arrival in Birmingham, Jim was one of the the few truly welcoming people, which for the most part, was fairly rare tor me at the beginning.  Although we were not terribly close  high school friends,. we were friends indeed.  I still remember Jim's excitement when his dad qualified for the U.S. Open golf tournament.  My condolences to the family and friends.

02/16/23 11:56 AM #12    

Judy Elaine Tower ((Kajander))

Jim was always a sweet, kind, funny guy who always brightened my day during my teenage angst.  I'm so sorry to hear of his transitioning at an early age.  My heartfelt thoughts go to his family.  Janice, great to hear from you.  I too miss Carol Collins and think of her often.  We got through a lot of family trauma together.  Like Jim, we lost Carol too soon.

02/16/23 07:36 PM #13    

Roger Hilborn

Jim was quite a good guy, knowing him thru Barnum and then Seaholm leaves me with nice

memories of a long time ago, hearing any losses from our class gives me pause but takes me

back to another time in an almost imaginary world, God Bless you Jim Sigler.

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