John Herman Schultz



Deceased Classmate: John Herman Schultz
Date Of Birth: 1949
Date Deceased: July 10, 1999
Age at Death: 50
Cause of Death: cancer
Classmate City: Sun City (in his final days)
Classmate State: AZ
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: cousins, whereabouts unknown

John Herman Schultz was my oldest friend. We first met in kindergarten, attended grade school and most of HS together and stayed in contact, albeit sporadically, up until the time he died around 2000 (the exact date is buried in a trunk which I can’t easily access). We were in the Boy Scouts together, cruised Woodward together, rode motorcycles together, sailed together, and we spent a lot of Saturday nights having dinner and playing Hearts into the wee hours with his family and various friends. After HS John obtained a degree in Public Health and tried to find work teaching at the university level. After looking unsuccessfully for a year or more he joined the State Police in a western state. I served as best man at his wedding in New Mexico. In the last few years before his death he became involved in undercover operations in his state’s Fish and Wildlife Service and he was the primary operator in bringing down a particularly dangerous militia. [I feel some need to be vague to protect those still possibly at risk.] The best way I can share his involvement is to quote a copy of a letter he sent me in 1998 from the United States Attorney in the district where he worked. “…the investigation resulted in the elimination of a conspiracy that presented a significant threat to the citizens of…. All told, the group possessed over 500 pounds of ammonium nitrate, over 200 blasting caps, detonation cord, numerous machineguns, well over 10,000 rounds of ammunition, hundreds of grenade components, over 10 pounds of gun powder, nitro-methane, a cannon, and a video tape blue print for attacking federal, state, local, and commercial structures and their occupants…. Officer Schultz was the primary undercover officer in the case….Officer Schultz was instrumental in bringing the conspiracy to the attention of the federal authorities; infiltrating the group; gathering critical documentary, physical and recorded evidence from the group at significant risk to his personal safety; assisting in the preparation of numerous search warrants and indictments; helping to plan the searches and arrests; personally participating in the arrests of numerous members of the conspiracy; and brilliantly testifying for numerous days on behalf of the government at trial. There is no doubt that this case may have never occurred but for the personal sacrifice and courage of Officer Schultz. Officer Schultz is hereby commended for a job extremely well done. We can all take pride in the fact that a dangerous conspiracy has been unarmed and disbanded." John contracted cancer and after difficult treatment he went into remission for approximately one year during which he lived life to the fullest until he died. I miss him. If any of you remember him or have stories about him I would love to hear your memories.



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06/28/17 03:20 PM #1    

Alan Carter (Carter)

I attended John's wedding along with Pete and we brought his mom! Somewhere I have a picture of John and Pete at the wedding in Mesa Verde. Very cowboy. John took me on many visits to the Michigan "outback" where he showed me how a hognose snake will play possum and if you roll him on his stomach, he will roll back on his back to prove he is dead. Thanks John, may heaven have wild places for you.

07/01/17 08:38 PM #2    

Peggy Boyle (Goldberg)

John passed away on July 10, 1999. For some reason I can not change the memorial page. He sure sounded like a great guy and a pretty amazing adult.

Thanks Peter for all the info.

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