Charles Alex Loiko

Charles Alex Loiko

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03/01/17 08:32 PM #1    

Jim Tripp

I JUST found out that Chuck passed away.

Chuck and I kind of grew up together,,,,Barnum, Seaholm. We were on track teams, football teams and wrestling teams together. Chuck was awarded the BUCKY ZOLLEN AWARD for the highest score for a Seaholm athlete at the regional track & field meet in Mansfield, Ohio.

Chuck, Chris Charlton, Chuck Rozek and I use to ride our motorcycles to school together too. I guess we were the original WILD HOGS and rode motorcycles before they got popular.

Chuck had a 7am detention by Mr. Bostwick and he had to be at Seaholm EXACTLY at 7am every morning. If he was late (even a second) he had to make up the time by coming an EXTRA morning. I remember hearing his bike drive by my house every morning around 6:50 am and he was late almost every time.

Chuck and I painted houses together to help pay our way thru college. Chuck graduated from Eastern Michigan with a degree in teaching. I remember his starting salary as a shop teacher was LESS than we made painitng houses. The kids in his class were un-ruly and of course disrespectful. I guess the REAL world was a far cry form our Birmingham up-bringing. He shortly stopped teaching and opened a wood shop in Birmingham, 'Wood Chuck' on Woodward.

Chuck moved to Florida and lived in Cocoa Beach for many years.

I haven't seen 'THE LOIK' for 20 years but I have many, many great memories,,,thank you for letting me share,,


03/02/17 05:51 PM #2    

Charles Tyron Gorman


chipster g here, thanks for the memories of the chukster...the zollen award was for the highest point total at the state meet...if i ever get a chance to talk to ya' i've got a hilarous story that involved chuck, and a couple other guys, riding with coach ambrose

chipster the g

03/03/17 12:16 PM #3    

Alan E. Waters

Great guy. Very good athlete, and good friend. It was a pleasure knowing Chuck.

03/03/17 12:30 PM #4    

Hank Dahlquist

Chuck lived just across Southfield, on Wallace Street, from my house.  We spent hours and hours riding his Vespa around B'ham.  Then we rebuilt a 650 Triumph that he bought in a basket.  After we got it together piece by piece it was impossible to get it started.  We kicked that starter until our legs couldn't take it any more so we roped to the back of my pickup and started dragging it up and down Wallace, spitting, sputtering and back firing. Finally quit, took the ignition apart and found that we had put it togeher backwards.  Had great times with Chuck, sad to hear he's gone. Hank

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