Timothy Scott Fritz

Timothy Scott Fritz

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08/01/17 04:58 PM #1    

Fredrik "Fritz" Martin Marin

I just remember he was always respectful and nice to everyone.



09/12/17 05:12 PM #2    

David Crosby

I know I have been reticent about sharing on this memories blog and apologize, but here is a start.

Tim was a very good friend of mine and had a generous amount of "good guy" energies and creativity. I don't think he ever met a "stranger". Gone too soon and I will never forget him or recognize his kind when I meet strangers that remind me of him. Props to Anne, his high school sweetheart, and wife, also a good friend back in the day.

So, as a memory, I will never forget being on the back of his Honda 305 SuperHawk cruising Woodward and coming back from Ted's (?) and reading the speedo at 105 mph.

Yes, we were going down hill and tucked in!  For all of you that rode in the day, you know what I am talking about.

Tim could literally not pour any more fuel into that bike! In today's terms, that's chump change, but in shorts and tennis shoes back then we were flying ... and it was dangerous and amazing. Two things we both shared an interest in.




09/14/17 03:20 PM #3    

Marlis Susan Branaka

I first met Tim Fritz at Derby Jr. High and, over the years, he became a friend in a pretty large group of compatriots.  Summer days during junior high pitted girls vs boys in some wild egg fights on school property, and lots of toilet-papering of neighbors homes.  Some of the guys, including Tim, with his beautiful blue eyes and nearly white hair, dubbed themselves "The Cuteness Club".  At Seaholm, Tim was a talented actor in Proscenium Club and continued to perform to audiences for years after graduation from college as a television personality in several markets, including Detroit.   

Besides being Tim's friend, I became his sister-in-law after I married his brother Mark. As part of the large Fritz family, I watched Tim nurture and support his own large family (7 children, including a foster child who he and Ann took in for several years).  I also observed his tight, ongoing friendships with his guy friends from Derby and Seaholm days.  

Tim was a creative, talented person with a wonderful sense of humor and a gentle soul.  He wouldn't hurt a flea.  I miss him dearly, just as so many of his friends and family do.

09/14/17 08:15 PM #4    

Alan E. Waters

Nice tribute Marlis and Dave. Tim was great fun, good guy. We were all blessed, great HS experience.

09/15/17 12:02 PM #5    

Bryan Beresh

Tim was one of my first friends after our family moved to Birmingham.  I have the childhood memory of Tim being hit by an auto breaking his leg.  It was a relief to see him return to school after his recovery.  One of the guys I always looked forward to seeing at these events.  I appreciate the kind comments about Tim and wanted to say a few words in his memory.

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