Jean Nue Chin

Jean Nue Chin

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12/14/16 03:44 PM #1    

James Anthony Pardee ((Tony))

Everybody should remember Jean and her family owned restaurant in Birmingham, Pearl's.  The restaurant name was named after Jeans' mothers name.  A great oriental restaurant.  Jean was a wonderful young lady who had a smile for everyone.  She had a great sense of humor.  Many classmates went to the restaurant.  Jean's parents were very welcoming and were very generous to us and gave us great service.  I had learned that Jean passed away around the age of 40 after having a stroke.  After graduation and we all went our different ways, Jean was a great spark in anyone's day when they went to the restaurant.  She knew alot about different classmates and even had a board for the class of 67 graduates to leave messages for other classmates.  Jean was married and had two beautiful daughters.  I hope that anyone who knew Jean has the same kind memories that I have of her. 

12/15/16 08:27 AM #2    

Holly Alfs ((Williams))

Thank you for this tribute and I share the same warm memories of Jean, her family, and the great food at Pearl's.  I was always humbled to think Jean went to school with us and then worked long hours at the restaurant when many of us were free to do sports and social activities.  Good hard-working people.

12/16/16 08:53 AM #3    

Dorothy Jeane Tipton ((Houston))

Thank you. Jean was a good friend in High School and I've often regretted not getting back in touch with her.


12/17/16 09:43 AM #4    

Robert Elliott Alpert

I remember Jean and couldn't agree more with Holly. Jean went out of her way to make people smile. A visit to Pearls was always a treat...because of Jean. Thoughts of her make me smile to this day. 

12/17/16 09:28 PM #5    

Kathleen Ann Brooks

every i think of jean i smile, she was in some of my classes, one class she sat in front of me and was always falling asleep, i would poke her to wake her up. she was always tired i don't think she ever got a day off as she was always at pearl's.    when ever i missed the bus she would pick me up there were always at least 4 or 5 people she had picked up also.  I loved going into pearl's jean would always yell across the room hey brooksie, and come over and hug me no matter how many years went by she wan happy to see people from seaholm, and would tell you what everyone was doing (she know a lot of people) jeanwas  always kind and liked to bring joy to others. 

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