Chris Kean Charlton

Chris Kean Charlton

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08/03/16 03:38 PM #1    

Gary Wasserman (Wasserman)

I remember an outstanding athlete who was kind, warm and friendly to me.  I was certainly not among the popular kids, but Chris was a friend to me and I greatly appreciated it.  So sorry to know that he is gone.

11/07/16 01:34 AM #2    

Bill Backstrom

One of my favorite memories of Senior year was putting an impromptu band together with Chris for the "Swing Out" talent show.  He had his regular band, but he invited me to play since he needed a Senior drummer.  We called ourselves "Tom Swift and his Electric Runabouts" and played the Animals' hit "We gotta get outta this place" for the show.  It brought the house down.

11/07/16 06:38 PM #3    

Patricia Susan Scott

Bill, I almost forgot you plsyed the drums. I do remember you killling it at Swing Out.

Chris Charlton, I think of him often. He was my boyfriend early on at Derby where he played great football for the Derby Dragons. We enjoyed a great relationship all through Seaholm and MSU and even after graduation...He and his band also played at MSU and I was always amazed when they played "Stairway to Heaven." He was such a talent and gave me goosebumps for more than one reason.

12/01/16 11:16 PM #4    

George Riordan

While Chris and I ran in very different circles of friends, he never hesitated to greet me individually and warmly and share a joke or two, sometimes ribald.  My most vivid memory of him was an occurrence our senior year:  in the fourth quarter of the Southfield football game, the opposing team scored a tying touchdown, and Chris was livid; he slammed his helmet to the turf.  He then proceeded to take the kickoff and blasted down the field, for a 101-yard touchdown!  No one touched him,  If was as if he was shot from a catapult.  I can still replay that scene in my head.  

12/02/16 12:22 PM #5    

James Riley

Lots of hazy memories of my HS years but one of the least hazy was Swing Out's "We got to get out of this place". Still makes me smile. Had to be there. Little did we know.

12/03/16 02:08 PM #6    

Alan E. Waters

Chris was a great guy and always a lot of fun. We were fortunate to know him.
As they say in football, you need a good running game to have a good passing game, and Chris provided that.

05/02/17 06:52 PM #7    

John Chonka

I didn't know Chris persononally but, was sad to learn of his passing.  I do remember he was a great running back and enjoyed watching him tear-up the gridiron. If memory serves me correctly he tried out for football at MSU and made the team.  But, after a few practices decided not to play. He said, "they hit to hard."


05/03/17 05:11 PM #8    

Charles Tyron Gorman

charlton...the laughs run out everytime i now think of him...sadness sets in...sophmore year i had geometry with him, wallendorf''s class...when we all knew that a test was coming he would wear his 'talking shoe', the shoe would let us know it would be ok, chill...junior year i bought a pair of the 'beatle boots', then i got terrified to wear them because if coach ambrose saw me in them one could only surmise what goes down chris bought 'em from me and then decided that winter to come out for the track team. the first time he talked to coach he made sure i was there, of course wearing the feared 'beatle boots' knew chris was a different sort, so nothing was said...after we got away we just laughed and laughed...sigh...wish we still could...

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